Over 225 Christmas Shoeboxes Given Away

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13


It is January 6th, All Kings Day (Día de Reyes). In Latino countries, this is the day that kids receive gifts. Gifts are not exchanged on December 25th. The tradition is that kids will put their shoes outside the night before, filled with straw for the camels that carry the Kings/Wisemen who brought gifts to baby Jesus.

Thanks to God, School Sponsors, Mosaic Church in Charlotte NC, and Southwest Freight NC for making and shipping over 225 Christmas “Shoeboxes”/Bags. So many kids who would not have gotten any gift this year had a joyous day as they received a bag of love and gifts. Thank you to all who sent a Christmas Bag!!!

Kids and their parents were invited. We filled our building to capacity with over 350 people. It was an amazing opportunity to share the love of God with everyone. Angel, an elder in our church, began the afternoon with bringing a message, sharing about the best gift ever that was give by God to us, His Son, Jesus Christ. Every person who attended heard the Gospel message and had the opportunity to be prayed for.

This is one of our biggest events of the year and we thank God for providing this opportunity to evangelize to every person who attends.


  • continuing to minister to all the families in the school sponsorship program which has 186 students.
  • have more students sponsored for 2024-2025 school year
  • we have ten mission teams scheduled and God has great plans for them
  • building a new ministry centre building
  • purchase land and building a mission team house
  • helping more families with their housing needs.
  • continuing to help and minister to every patient who comes into the medical clinic.
  • growing the church

MSC has as worker care person or couple assigned to all of their missionaries. Our MSC Worker Care couple, Conrad and Becky, are coming for a visit in a few weeks followed by our first mission team. We will be back to back mission teams from 12 February through 18 April.

Samantha is in her second semester at college. She has to complete 600 hours of work experience between May and end of August. Prayers for God’s perfect job opportunity in the right location that is affordable is greatly appreciated. Noah continues to work at the chicken egg farm.

Paul and Sharyn fly back to the Dominican Republic on January 24th. Red eye out of Calgary, connecting through Toronto. It is very hard to be separated from our kids. They are young adults and doing well on their own but the geographical separation is very hard for all of us. We hope and pray that our times of separation are not long.


  • Praise God for all the Christmas Bags, the people who loving made and sent them and the kids who were blessed by them.
  • Praise God for being able to spend the Christmas season with Noah and Samantha and visits with family and friends. Also for snow and cold weather! Coldest days were – 45C with feels like of -55C.
  • Praise God for every one of you who supports us through your prayers, love and financial blessings. We have no words to sufficiently express our gratitude.
  • Praise God for the ministry and people who came to the Lord in 2023 and the ministry that God has planned for 2024.
  • Pray for safe, boring, uneventful travels as Paul and Sharyn fly back to the DR starting at 12:20 am on January 24th.
  • Pray for our family while we are separated and for Noah and Samantha to make Godly, discerning, life decisions as they learn to live on their own and seek out their own faith.
  • Pray for our staff as there are a lot of changes and a full ministry schedule.
  • Pray for the church. February 16th will be the churches one year anniversary. May God continue to grow the church in all areas.
  • Pray for an increase in the Branson Family Prayer and Financial support. With prayer, God can do anything and we value your prayers more than anything!
  • Pray for fundraising for the Mission Team House. A Funding Proposal is available.