Mission Teams

Why Go?

Why send a mission team when I can send a cheque? This is a question often asked. More money could be sent if airfare, food, accommodations, passports, etc did not have to be paid for. This is true! However, a cheque can not change lives like a mission trip can.

Each person who goes on a mission trip, no matter where they go or which ministry they go with, are changed. When we are willing to let God change us, we change. Our goal with House Upon The Rock is to ruin every team member for the “typical” Christian life. Coming on a mission trip will change you and draw you closer to God.

But it is not just about the people on the teams – mission teams open many doors into the local people’s lives. Through these groups, we get to know more people, we are able to help more people and we are able to build more relationships. When relationships are being built, God’s love and God’s word is shared and hearts are changed.

The local people often ask us why the teams have sacraficed their vacation time, time from their famlies, and money to pay to come to work hard in the tropic heat to help them? With this question, doors fly open and we are able to evangelize! Team are priceless!

Preparing to Go

Any group can make up a mission team. Groups from your church, youth group, Bible study group, group of friends, families. The possibilities are endless.

A group can be anywhere from 6 to 20 (or more) people.

You do not need special skills to come. All you need is a willing heart! If you come, God will use all the skills and talents that He has given you to further His kingdom.

If you are interested in bringing a mission team to us, please email us (see Contact Page).

View our Mission Teams Manual for to learn more about bringing a team to serve with House Upon The Rock Ministry.


Preliminary Application for Missionary Service

Missionary Application Manual