God’s Stories

More Than Twenty Years on the Mission Field

This book is a collection of God’s stories that I have been blessed to witness or be a part of during my twenty-plus years in full-time overseas ministry. God is always with us. He is faithful, true, and never changing. The God that we read about in the Bible is the same God who is holding our hand and walking with us today. In these pages, read about God’s faithfulness, his miracles and how He takes care of his children every day without ceasing.

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“We have only been to San Fran a couple times so we do not know the route through the town well. I knew that we had to come to a T-intersection, turn left and then take a right. I made the left and then took a right hand turn. Immediately, I saw that I had turned onto a dead end street and made a wrong turn. I stopped our vehicle, put it in reverse and then looked over my shoulder to start backing up. At that moment – I saw guns in the back window. I looked forward and saw more guns. All around us, there were guns pointed at us. As we sat there, I quickly counted. 21 guns were aimed at us by 21 men in uniforms.”