The reason why we do what we do!

Dominicans are raised on the Bible and can quote the Bible better than most. However, many do not have a personal relationship with Jesus and God our Father. The Dominican culture is a relationship based culture. Relationships need to be developed before the people will listen to what you want to share about God’s love and God’s word. It is through the practical aspects of the ministry that we are building relationships. Over the years, many people have asked Jesus into their lives and their lives have been forever changed.


Pictured here are six new believers at a local prison receiving Bibles. This is just one way that we evangelize.

Through our medical clinic, we pray and share about God.

Through our construction projects, we build relationships and are able to be a testimony through our actions and love.

Through the school sponsorship program, we develop long-term relationships with entire families, teachers and school administrators which allows us to demonstrate that love in tangible ways.

Once a month, we have a church service at our ministry.

“Movie Night” showing Christian videos to the community, using the videos to open conversations about God and salvation.