Mission Team House Funding Proposal

The short term construction ministry opportunities are in peril due to a severe shortage of affordable short term housing. The shortage of affordable accommodation was brought on by the unexpected spike in local tourism as a result of global travel restrictions in 2020. As the Dominican population discovered the natural beauty of Jarabacoa, the demand for short term rental accommodation increased. The limited supply coupled with the arrival of Airbnb has resulted in a 400% increase in the cost for short term rental accommodation. As a result, finding adequate affordable housing is making it very difficult to house the visiting mission teams. With twelve booked for 2024 and six teams booked for 2025 the ministry, at the time of writing this, has not yet been able to secure all of the necessary housing for all of the approximately 150 people planning to come and serve.

The long term plan all along has been to build a dormitory style house that has the ability to sleep thirty people complete with dorm style bedrooms, a few couples bedrooms, ensuites in every bedroom, kitchen, dining room, common area for hanging out, having team meetings, evening devotionals, etc. Because of the current housing crisis, the ministry is hoping to move forward immediately with their plans to build a mission house.

The neighbour has indicated that the parcel of land adjacent to the Branson’s home is likely to come up for sale. Their prayer is that it’s God’s will for the ministry to purchase this property given its unique location. Having the opportunity to build a mission house beside their personal residence would be a blessing! The plan is to have funds in place for the ministry to purchase the land and begin construction of a mission house right away. They have a local lawyer that they have worked with in the past to help facilitate the purchase of land.

The total estimated cost to purchase the land, construct the mission building and equip it with everything needed to start housing teams is estimated to cost approximately $750,000 USD / $1,000,000 CDN.

We are reaching out to you for help. Any help that you are able to provide through prayers and financial donations will be immensely appreciated. The construction of a mission team house will enable HUTR to continue their short term construction ministry providing much needed housing for the poorer local population.

The Bransons have been full time missionaries in Jarabacoa since 1997 and have established roots in this community. They have no foreseeable plans for leaving this mission field.

For more detailed information, please continue to read the following pages of this proposal.

Information for sending your donations is located on the final page of the Proposal. All donations are tax deductible and 100% of your donation will go to this project with zero administration fees being taken..